WW apartment II Warsaw II 2020
2020 | Kossowska | 200m2
Photos: Oni studio

This 200m2 apartment in the Warsaw district of Stara Sadyba was originally divided into many rooms. With my redesign it has gained a completely new functional layout – a large living zone and two separate private zones, for a married couple and their daughter. The space within these three zones is smoothly connected and not separated by any doors. Beams create the look of openwork and emphasize the height of the apartment. Doors to private zones, toilets and technical rooms reach right to the ceiling, which, together with the use of upper glazing, emphasizes the feeling of spaciousness. The owners’ guidelines included a non-standard but adequate display of their collection of paintings, an appropriate space for a large number of impressive plants, and concealing the technological layer of the apartment. The finishing materials and general aesthetics were intended to induce a sense of relaxation, harmony and tranquility, and provide a background for the vibrant colors of the paintings and the natural greenery inside.