MO apartment II Warsaw II 2014
2014 | as a part of baumillerkossowska | 100m2
Photos: Maria Miklaszewska i Martyna Rudnicka

This 100m2 apartment is located in a beautiful renovated building in the very center of Warsaw. The idea was to re-design the apartment with tact, not ruining the original layout and detail, and recreate the elegance and atmosphere of classic interiors from the 1920s and 1930s. The space is divided into two zones: an open day zone consisting of a kitchen, living and dining rooms, and a study connected via enfilade; along with a separate private zone – a bedroom with a bathroom. In the living zone, in the study, a bookcase “closes” the living room that is visible through an original double door. Lots of wood, subdued colors, and elements of vintage design harmonize with the colorful contemporary paintings collected by the owner. The goal was to provide a design matching the requirements and lifestyle of the owner, but without over-designing, so that life, not design, comes to the fore, without effort and pompousness – looking for the recipe for a timeless, discreetly elegant interior.