MDM apartment II Warsaw II 2013
2013 | as a part of baumillerkossowska | 65m2
Photos: Maria Miklaszewska and Martyna Rudnicka

This 65m2 apartment, in one of the social realist houses from the 1950s overlooking the Constitution Square in Warsaw, could not be re-designed without regard for its very characteristic large windows, balusters, and view. We preserved the original herringbone parquet and complemented it with terrazzo – a material popular in the era. The project was based on small number of strong expressive elements, such as the black gloss-lacquered cube of the closet, a kitchen island, and wooden elements devoid of ornaments (wooden paneling, curtain rail casings, smooth kitchen cabinet), which emphasize the coherence of the design and lightness of space. It also has a very characteristic feature – an idea that arouses curiosity, a ‘decoration’ that has an outstanding functional meaning – an exposed copper gas pipe, climbing up and meandering around the cooker hood.