THIS is where I liveWarsaw is where I was born and raised. From here I design interiors in Poland and other European countries.
My architectural studies at the Warsaw University of Technology, first a Master and then a doctoral course, have shaped my vision of space, aesthetics and professional standards.
In 2020, I founded my own company Kossowska, and since 2019 have been part of Ultralight, a brand of unique individually commissioned lamps.
In my design process, I keep my focus on the main idea, although I never lose the strong individual contact with the investor. My work is based on the joy of creation, listening and responding to customer needs, and an ability to understand the character of each space. I create interiors which are timeless, heterogeneous but aesthetically coherent. The diversity of the needs and expectations of my investors are always a fascinating challenge – they are a great point of departure for my ideas.

THIS has made me who I amI gained experience as an architect in studios in Poland and other countries. After some time, I focused on interior design, which gave me the chance to enjoy a more direct contact with investors, control over the actual execution of the design, and much faster completion of projects. I was able to create interiors in my own unique style at BAUMILLERKOSSOWSKA, a studio I co-founded and co-managed until 2018.

THIS is what inspires meI love challenges, obstacles, and the surprising expectations of investors. Paradoxically, they let me create unique designs and force me to find creative solutions.
I am inspired by everyday epiphanies, my travels, new places and art. My favorite era in the history of design is modernism – especially in its intellectual and esthetic dimensions.
With my background as an architect, I think that being able to fit into a place and make the interior compatible with the exterior of the building are of utmost importance for a successful design. That’s why I never create classic tenement interiors in modern apartment buildings and vice versa.
I feel the greatest thrill at the very beginning, when I arrange the functions in the apartment. It’s like playing with building blocks – there may be many solutions but they must always fit together. I follow the forms follow function principle. I am fascinated by modernist architecture, I admire it and I get it. I use color very sparingly.
I like harmony, freedom of creation and informality, although I prefer symmetry to asymmetry. I never limit myself to one concept – I always prepare several versions of the design. I do not want routine or quiet – just wisdom based on experience. I consider myself to be an aesthete with a taste and sense for combining materials, textures and colors. I am not inspired by fashion but by timeless solutions.

Agnieszka Kossowska